Grease 2 Filming Locations

Join us as we explore and visit the still-standing filming locations used for the Paramount Pictures motion picture, Grease 2. Filmed primarily in Norwalk, CA, join the gang as we discover set locales used in the film.

Excelsior High aka Rydell High School

Tour the Real Rydell: Excelsior High School Tour

Tour the Real Rydell in’s Virtual Tour!

Howdy Greasers! We’re proud to offer you an exclusive inside peak of Excelsior High School in Norwalk, California. Famous for it’s alumni such as Pat Nixon as well as the filming location for TV show Square Pegs, TV movie High School U.S.A. (1983) and yes of course our beloved feature movie, Grease 2! 

Join us on our walk through the campus, into the classrooms, along the walls of lockers and onto the football field and of course the famous track & field.

The Real Rydell: Excelsior High School Tour The Real Rydell: Excelsior High School Tour The Real Rydell: Excelsior High School Tour

The Real Rydell: Excelsior High School - Loud SpeakerThe Real Rydell: Excelsior High School - The Pencil Sharpener

The Real Rydell: Excelsior High School - Track & Field





Big thanks to our videographer Brian video tour of the campus this past summer.
Special thanks goes out to Mary Kay for hooking us up!  More photos to follow!

View the Virtual Tour of the School!

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 Part 5

Help Excelsior High School Become a Historical Landmark

Help Excelsior High School become a Historical Landmark

Help Excelsior High School become a Historical Landmark

Excelsior High School, in Norwalk, CA (aka The Real Rydell) needs signatures on their petition to become a historical structure. The following link explains how you can lend a hand to help Excelsior High School become a Historical Landmark. Site excerpt:

“The California Register program encourages public recognition and protection of resources of architectural, historical, archeological and cultural significance…”

“Our goal is to designate Excelsior a Historical Structure and preserve and protect its uniqueness for generations to come.”

Help Excelsior High School become a Historical Landmark!
Excelsior High School, Norwalk, CA – Filming location for Rydell High School in Grease 2


About Excelsior (from Wikipedia)
“Excelsior High School, originally named Excelsior Union High School was founded in 1903 in Norwalk, California. Its last graduating class was 1981. The current campus was built in 1924.

The school and campus still exist at the corner of Alondra Blvd and Pioneer Blvd. in the city of Norwalk, California. It is now the home to the Norwalk-La Mirada Adult School. Since its closure, the campus has been the location for the filming of Grease 2 and High School U.S.A. and the 1982 TV series Square Pegs.”

Sign the Petition

Read Excelsior’s article about Grease 2.

View the virtual tour of Excelsior Hight School

Grease 2 Movie Locations & More

Movie Locations & More

Greasers! You’ll want to be sure to check out Robert Patterson’s Movie Locations and More website! Robert has compiled a very impressive and comprehensive list of Grease 2 filming locations. From the streets around the school to the tree lined streets where Michael and Stephanie take their very first ride, he hasn’t missed a thing!

Grease 2 Movie Location Comparison Shot of Road where Stephanie goes for a ride with Michael in Grease 2.

Robert has gone above and beyond to find and locate almost all Grease 2 Movie locations used in the production of Grease 2. Thank you Robert for taking the time to retrace our favorite movie’s footsteps! Enjoy your photo tour!