Interview with The Sagal Twins [EXCLUSIVE]

Liz and Jean Sagal at the 25th Anniversary Grease 2 Reunion, Burbank Marriot, Burbank, Ca

Liz and Jean Sagal played the Sorority Girls in Paramount Pictures, Grease 2. There is the very interesting story that goes along with their casting in Grease 2. On the 20th of July 2007, we sat down with these two fantastic women to celebrate their memories. This is our exclusive interview with the Sagal Twins.

Q: Welcome and thank you ladies for being part of this joyous occasion! So tell us about the casting of Grease 2, we heard you were both cast, but on separate coasts. The producers didn’t realize they had a set of twins until everyone showed up in Los Angeles is that correct?

Liz & Jean: Yes! (in unison)

Jean: I auditioned in New York and Lizzie in Los Angeles.
Liz: Yes, we were both originally cast as backup dancers but we didn’t know until they got us together for rehearsal in LA. Once they realized, they cut my hair to match Jeanie’s and dyed it dark. Then they wrote parts for us. Most of it was scripted last minute, there were constant changes, they kept adding stuff for us to do because our roles weren’t originally planned!

Q: How was it working with Pat Birch as a Director?

L&J: She is wonderful! We loved her, so great to work for. She has so much talent!

Q: How was it working with the veterans of Grease & Grease 2 and the new Faculty?

We loved Eve Arden and Dodi, she was just a honey, always had a hug and kiss for us. Sid Caesar was so lovely.

Liz: Tab and Connie were great too, they fell right into character, they knew exactly how to play their parts! It was Great!

Q: What were the songs you auditioned with?

L&J: Let’s Get Together from the Parent Trap and Chapel of Love.

Q: How fun! What was your first impression of Maxwell and Michelle?

L&J: Scared! they looked so perfect and were the stars of the show. We weren’t background dancers and we weren’t leads, we were in the middle, we didn’t know where to go, or where we fit in.

Q: Let’s talk about the music numbers. When did you record your songs?

L&J: Well I think it was about two weeks prior to filming, that we began our studio work. Then once filming started we would be in the studio on the weekends. We rehearsed on a soundstage at Paramount as well.

Q: What do you think about your song not being included on the Soundtrack for Grease 2? Did you know it was the B-Side to Cool Rider in Japan?

L&J: We didn’t know we weren’t on the soundtrack until now 🙁 (both laugh a bit) We didn’t know we were on the single either! Thats cool!

Q: What was your favorite scene to film?

L&J: Score Tonight! (in unison!) Because it was warm. It was so cold during Who’s that Guy, and the Luau! we shot those scenes overnight and it was so cold they made us suck on ice so our cold breathe wouldn’t be seen on camera!

Q: What are your personal favorites eras of hairstyles/music/cars ?

Jean: The 70’s! Glitterock!
Liz: yeah David Bowie for sure!

Liz and Jean Sagal aka The Sorority Girls |

Q: What is your fondest memory from filming Grease 2?

L&J: We had so much fun on set, it was a party all the time.
Liz: My favorite memory was a group of us all going to Vegas for the weekend. We didn’t sleep for 2 days, woke up at noon on Monday to the phone ringing off the hook, I was 5 hours late for my 7 am call time!
Jean: Wow! I don’t remember that I must not have gone!

Q: What was the hardest shot of Grease 2?

L&J: It took over 20 days to shoot the luau scene! They were all night shoots, overnight until the sun came up. It was so freezing cold, it felt like 100 days.
The hardest dance sequence was Rock-a-hula Luau.

Q: Was there anyone special that you bonded with during filming?

L&J: Pamela! we just loved her, and Peter and Leif.
Jean: Dennis Daniels! he is the nicest guy ever!

Did you have a crush on anyone during filming?

Liz: Michelle Pfeiffer! (laughs) I think everyone did. (ed.: we do too!) She was just so beautiful!
Jean: Did you know that Michelle did her own hair for the most part of the movie? I think our hairdresser Vivian was too happy about that.

Were there any injuries on the set?

Jean: Matt Lattanzi dropped me…on a lift! Not sure of any others.

Q: Would you be interested in participating in a Special Edition Grease 2 DVD if Paramount is up to it?

L&J: Yes! (in unison)

Q: When is the last time you watched Grease 2?

Liz: Last week on HBO
Jean: In the kids playroom! They watch it all the time, they know all the words!

Q: Were you allowed to keep any props/costumes?

Jean: We got a jacket, a letterman’s jacket, I still have mine!
Liz: Ooh I have that too! And the cast poster that Pat had made for us!

After Graduation

Q: What do you think your character(s) did after Graduation?

Liz: I’m a politician!
Jean: I ran for office!

Q: What have you been up to since the 80’s?

Liz: Well I am writing for TV and ….
Jean: I am directing for TV!

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