Meet the Pink Ladies

The Pink Ladies
Sharon Cooper, Paulette Rebchuck, Rhonda Ritter and Stephanie Zinone

Stephanie Zinone

The leader of the Pink Ladies is Stephanie Zinone. Stephanie is the coolest of the Pinks. Stephanie is a strong and independent senior at Rydell High School. When not in school Stephanie works at her father Jake’s garage where she can focus on her passion for hot rods and fast motorcycles. She has recently gotten over her ex, Mr. Johnny Nogerelli, and is on the search for a new man, someone who can keep up with her need for speed and treat her with love and respect and not just a trophy.

Paulette Rebchuck

Paulette may come off as a pushover but push comes to shove, she in one tough cookie. Paulette idolizes Marilyn Monroe. Ever since Stephanie and Johnny broke-up, Paulette has had her eyes set on the leader of the T-Birds, Johnny. But will she have what it takes to keep his mind off of Stephanie?

Rhonda Ritter

Rhonda dreams of appearing on National Bandstand with Vince Fontaine. Her main man is T-Bird Goose McKenzie.

Sharon Cooper

Sharon rounds out The Pink Ladies as a do’er of good will and her dream is to be just like Jackie Kennedy. Her main squeeze is Louis DiMucci.

Dolores Rebchuck

Dolores, Paulette’s little sister, likes to tag along with the girls and by the end of our adventure ends up with T-Bird Davey Jaworski.