Music Appreciation

Grease 2 Original Soundtrack

Track Listing:
  1. Back to School Again
  2. Cool Rider
  3. Score Tonight 
  4. Girl For All Seasons
  5. Do It For Our Country
  6. Who’s That Guy?
  7. Prowlin’
  8. Reproduction
  9. Charades
  10. (Love Will) Turn Back The Hands of Time
  11. Rock-a-Hula Luau (Summer is Coming)
  12. We’ll Be Together

Listen to the Grease 2 Original Soundtrack Album via Spotify

Cool Rider Karaoke

Play it cool as you karaoke to the hit single, ‘Cool Rider‘ as performed by Michelle Pfeiffer in the role of Stephanie Zinone, leader of the Pink Ladies in the motion picture, Grease 2.

Click to play the song Cool Rider for Karaoke

Prowlin’ in the style of the T-Birds [Karaoke Version]

Rock out to Prowlin’ in the style of the T-Birds as performed by Adrian Zmed, Christopher McDonald, Peter Frechette and Leif Green in Grease 2.