Interview with Lorna Luft [EXCLUSIVE]

Actress, Singer, Entertainer Lorna Luft

Meeting Ms. Luft at the 25th Grease 2 Cast Reunion, we were impressed by her generosity and humble nature. Grease 2 fan Adrienne played correspondent for us and was able to do this Interview with Lorna Luft and we’re proud present it to you as part of the fan experience. Thanks so much Adrienne!

Q:What is your favorite memory? Which was your favorite scene to shoot? And how was the atmosphere on set?

Just getting the role of Paulette was a great day for me! Everything at the bowling alley. Atmosphere was GREAT! A lot of fun and hard work.

Q: Were there any off screen romances and who would you say you bonded with the most while filming?

We all had significant others; husbands, wives, partners and we all remain friends to this day.

Q: For all the Johnny fans out there, we have to ask; Was Adrian a good kisser?


Q: We know that you and Adrian did some work together after G2. Were you guys close and do you still keep in touch?

Yes we do. We both have beautiful children around the same age and I love Adrian as a person.

Q: Did you have a secret crush on anyone during filming?

No, I was married.

Q: What was your relationship like with Pamela? Did you feel protective of her? Did you guys do any background work on your relationship and/or what the Rebchuck family may have been like?

Pamela is a very gifted actor who I adored working with. She was so wonderful, very funny and just a joy to work with.

Q: Did you audition for other roles or did you want to be Paulette?

Only Paulette.

Q: What was your favorite of Paulette’s outfits? Were you allowed to keep any of the props, costumes etc. after filming was done?

The “Girl for All Seasons” costume. Nope!

Q: What is you favorite song from the movie?

“Back to School” and “Who’s That Guy?”

Q: The couple pairings for this movie worked really well. Each of you had great chemistry! Do you think Paulette and Johnny would have stayed together after graduation?

I would like to think so but you never know.

Q: What do you think your character would have done after graduation?

She attended a city college for 7 months then dropped out to become a groupie for The Beach Boys. She ended up married to the tour manager.

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