Grease 2 FAQ

These are a sampling of the most frequently asked questions (FAQ) that have been asked over the years. Please check below before emailing your question to us. Thanks folks!

Where can I buy the Grease 2 movie on DVD, CD, VHS?

Many online retail websites sell the movie. You might try Amazon, eBay or any trustworthy online retail storefront that sells movies.

Another option is streaming the movie on Amazon Prime or Netflix when it is available.

Where can I find a copy of the Grease 2 script?

You can often find an actual copy of the Grease 2 movie script (various dates/revisions) on eBay. Best bet is to check often, you never know when someone might post an original for sale! Good Luck in your search.

There is also a digital version that has been transcribed over at, Drew’s script-O-Rama!

I would love to buy a Pink Ladies jacket, where can I find one?

Years ago, Iguana Clothing on Ventura Blvd. in Sherman Oaks, CA had the closest recreation we have ever seen. We suggest you visit their site and call or email them on your quest.

UPDATE: Amazon has a listing that is very close to the original, you can find the jacket here.

Are there any plans to make a Grease 3?

Didi Conn, from what we’ve have heard, has been shopping the idea of a Grease 3 around for many many years. The Director of Grease, Randall Kleiser, spoke about this at a Grease movie screening event here in Los Angeles in 1998.

Many rumours have gone around since that John Travolta and Olivia Newton-John have also considered a sequel.

The most current project is a Grease “prequel” entitled, Summer Lovin’. It will tell the tale of how Danny Zuko and Sandy Ollson met. The project has been in the works since April 2019. According to the Hollywood Reporter article, the show, takes it’s name from the song, Summer Nights. According to Deadline, Brett Haley is set to Direct.

My school / production co / theatre would like to put on a production of Grease 2. Do you know if the score is available for purchase?

We do not know, nor are we affiliated with Paramount Pictures in any way. It is best to contact their licensing department directly on this topic.

I have been searching for sheet music to Grease 2, do you know where to find it?

Recently, we heard from a fan who contacted Warner-Tamerlane Publishing. Unfortunately, the sheet music for Grease 2 has never been in print. I guess it will take a miracle or someone who knows how to write sheet music to transcribe all the songs for the rest of us, until then…good luck Greasers!

Where can I write to the cast?

Many of the cast members have fan mail addresses you can write to. Check out the Meet the Cast page for all the information.