Grease 2 Memorabilia Collection

If you’ve found this page, you’ve probably been collecting Grease 2 memorabilia such as we have for the past 40 years. Our collection started the Fall of 1981, when the popular teen magazines started promoting the film. The stars of the movie began appearing in pages and eventually full centerfold posters and covers of Teen Beat, Superteen, Movie Mirror, and 16 Magazine.

While our Grease 2 collection may not be the biggest (that honor goes to UG2VIP Grease 2 fan ,Lori B.), we’re proud of the items we’ve collected over the years. We do have an official cast/crew Letterman’s jacket with the original car & trailer Grease 2 logo on the back. We’re mighty proud of that jacket. We also have a ton of rare behind the scenes and on-set photos plus a stack of cast call sheets and a few official script revisions.

Here you will find a mix of collectible Grease 2 memorabilia, found on the web. And just a note, more and more stuff pops up every day on sites like eBay, so if you’re a collector, be on the lookout. You never know what you might score!