The Real Rydell - Excelsior High School

Grease 2 Filming Locations

Join us on a virtual tour of the filming locations used in Grease 2!

We’ve compiled a list of all Grease 2 filming locations used in the production of Grease 2. While we’ve done our best to insure accuracy, if you know something we haven’t mentioned and would like it added to the site, please reach out to us and let us know the real deal! If you live in or planning to visit Southern California, this is your chance to visit a part of Grease 2 history!

Excelsior High aka Rydell High School

Excelsior High School – The Real Rydell

Excelsior High School, Norwalk, California, was founded in 1903 and had its last graduating class in 1981. Excelsior was the stand-in for many a high school in television and movie productions. The school’s most famous real-life alumni is Pat Nixon, Class of 1929! Other films and television shows filmed at Excelsior prior to its closing including High School USA with Michael J. Fox and Nancy McKeon, as well as Square Pegs starring Sarah Jessica Parker & Amy Linker.

Real Location:  Excelsior Union High School, 15711 S. Pioneer Blvd., Norwalk, CA 90650

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Cadillac Jack's aka Burger Diner in Grease 2

Burger Diner

Cadillac Jack’s Cafe

9475 San Fernando Road, Sun Valley

The locale has been used in videos including Cee Lo Green’s Forget You, and Christina Aguilera’s Your Body but most importantly, it stood in as the diner where Michael & Stephanie do her homework.

Hawthorne Bowl, Grease 2 FIlming Location, Bowlarama (Interior)

The Bowlarama (Interior)

Real Location:
Hawthorne Bowl, Hawthorne, Ca

Located on about 141st St. and Hawthorne Blvd. it was the main Bowling Alley in Hawthorne, Ca. Hawthorne Bowl had 14 lanes a cocktail lounge, Coffee Shop, and pool tables for anyone wanting to grab a cocktail, a burger or a game of billiards. Shortly after Grease 2 was released, the bowling alley was converted into Medical Offices.

Norwalk Ice Rink (Formerly Zero Temp Ice Rink)

The Bowlarama (Exterior)

Norwalk Ice Rink*
(Formerly Zero Temp Ice Rink during the filming of Grease 2.)

Rosecrans & Shoemaker, Norwalk, Ca. *Demolished sometime in 2009

Blacksmith's Corner (Formerly Long Beach Cycle Salvage)

Cycle Salvage Shop

Real Location:
Lakewood Cycle Salvage (1981)

Now Blacksmith’s Corner
17647 Lakewood Boulevard, Bellflower, CA 90706-6409

Michael's Playground - Grease 2 (aka El Dorado Park)

Michael’s Playground

Real-Life Location:
Griffith Park, Los Angels, Ca

The park spans 4,310 acres and features The Los Angeles Zoo, Griffith Observatory and the famous Hollywood Sign.

4730 Crystal Springs Dr, Los Angeles, CA 90027

Jake's Service Station, (Grease 2, Paramount Pictures, 1982)

Jake’s Service Station

Set Location:
Curt’s Tire
We learned from a fan that this is the location that was used in the filming of Grease 2.

Bellflower, Ca (Artesia Blvd., just West of Woodruff Ave.)