Meet the T-Birds

The T-Birds (Davey Jaworski, Goose McKenzie, Johnny Nogerelli, and Louis DiMucci

Johnny Nogerelli

Johnny Nogerelli is the leader of the T-Birds, the coolest cats at Rydell High. While appearing tough, and “walk, talk like a T-Bird,” Johnny wears his heart on his sleeve.

The story is this, Johnny used to go with the leader of the  Pink Ladies Stephanie Zinone. Over the summer, Stephanie has outgrew him and have since broken up. However, Johnny’s not over her and does everything in his power to try and woo Stephanie back into his arms.

Meanwhile, Paulette Rebchuck, also a Pink Lady, has taken a liking to Johnny and tries to impress him by emulating her idol, Marilyn Monroe, to try and win his love. 

Louis DiMucci, Goose McKenzie and Davey Jaworski

Goose McKenzie is second in command to Johnny. He likes to mimic his fellow T-Bird and play it cool. A nice fellow, who has a rep to protect but also a comedic side. He only has eyes for Pink Lady, Rhonda Ritter.

Louis DiMucci Louis DiMucci keeps trying to get to 3rd base with his Pink Lady Sharon Cooper, but never seems to make it around the field. He pleads with her in song to “do it for their country” but she see thinks he is referring to enlisting. Oh Louis. 

Davey Jaworski is the youngest of the T-Birds who brings the fun and laughter. He is saved from the wrath of the Cycle Lords one night by a mysterious stranger on a blazing motorcycle outside the Bowl-a-Rama.

The T-Birds perform Prowlin’ from Grease 2

Be sure to check out The T-Birds performing Prowlin’ from the motion picture, Grease 2.

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