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Reporting of news & updates based around the Paramount Picture, Grease 2. For a film that is over 38 years old, we’ll try to keep it current with news from the cast, screenings, special auctions, appearances, cast reunions and more!

Grease 2 Day 2019

Grease 2 Day 2019

Grease 2 Day 2019

Hard to believe it has been 37 years since Grease 2 rev’d up it’s engine and hit the big screen. Today, and well everyday honestly, we celebrate the gift of all things Grease 2. Happy Grease 2 Day 2019 to all. Always and forever, the music and feeling go on. Stay cool greasers! #HappyGrease2Day

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About the Film

Set two years after the original Grease gang has graduated, Grease 2 follows the senior class of Rydell High School, class of ’61. A new crop of student bodies fill the halls of good ol’ Rydell.

Tab Hunter - 50s Teen Idol

Good Night Dear Mr. Stuart, Rest in Peace Tab Hunter

It’s with saddened hearts that we say good night to our dear Mr. Stuart, Rest in peace Tab Hunter. Your legacy will live on.

Tab Hunter as Mr. Stuart in Grease 2 - Rest in peace Tab Hunter

From Wikipedia:

Tab Hunter was an American actor, television host, pop singer, film producer, and author. He starred in more than 40 films and was a well-known Hollywood star and heart throb of the 1950s and 1960s.

In Grease 2, Mr. Hunter played Rydell High School’s substitute teacher, Mr. Stuart. He is known for his featured song, Reproduction, where he attempts to teach the school kids about the facts of life.

We send our deepest condolences to his family and loved ones. Rest in peace sir. Love and light.

For more detailed view of his life and legacy, visit the Variety website for their obituary.

Happy Grease 2 Day 2018 - MC & MP on his motorcycle

Happy Grease 2 Day 2018

Grease 2 Day 2018

Happy Grease 2 Day 2018. It was 36 years ago today when our beloved Grease 2 hit the big screens. Opening June 11, 1982, Grease 2 rock & rolled it’s way into our hearts and bowled us over. The music and feeling go on forever!