Exclusive content to our site, For over 20 years, has been keeping the Grease 2 magic alive for our community! Visits The Real Rydell Visits The Real Rydell aka Excelsior High School in Norwalk, CA.

The Real Rydell

Yesterday, your’s truly and contributor Brian took a drive over to Excelsior High School, in Norwalk, Ca in hopes to get some new shots of our beloved Rydell High. Unfortunately the school was closed but we were able to get a few perimeter shots to share with you all!

It is our goal to give the Admins at the school a call and see if we can schedule a day that we can actually go to the school and do some real exploring. But, for the time being…here is a quick shot of the front of the school. Video to follow 🙂 shout-outs to our Supporters! We’ve reached our goal!

This is the moment in time where I give a HUGE shout out and Thanks for your Support message to the special few who saved our beloved domain name,! So for the record you guys, we couldnt have come this far without your undying support and generosity. Just so fans of the site know, we were able to secure our domain name for a total of 5 years! This was so extremely helpful to the site and myself as I am in school full time and live on a very tight budget!

Thanks to: Robert M., Brian S., Vincent, Tom W., Anthony P., Gretchen A.!