Goodnight to our dearest Kenickie, Jeff Conaway. R.I.P.

Jeff Conaway as Kenickie in Grease 1978Crazy, I just saw him about 10 days prior to the coma. He was in great spirits.

I was at Anaheim Comicon and they had a few peeps from Grease signing autographs for the fans. I just happened to be strolling past his booth and he called me over. I looked around thinking he can’t be talking to me, but as it turns out he was. We had a great chat. I told him how great it was to see him out and about and was glad he was supporting Grease after all this time. This was the second time I had met him. He was always such a nice guy. I seriously choked up for a good hour when I heard this tragic news. I hope he has found peace.

A moment of silence & remembrance for our beloved Kenickie, Jeff Conaway. R.I.P. #greaseistheword

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One Response to Goodnight to our dearest Kenickie, Jeff Conaway. R.I.P.

  1. Gadget Zinone says:

    You were so lucky and blessed to have seen Jeff twice and at ComicCon to boot! I had left a indearing tribute to him on the G2 message board. I pray too that he has found peace. Pass the word out to the both the G2 and G1-philes out there. Normally I would do my quote signature,but I will end my comment with this quote:

    “A hickey….from Kenickie…is like a Hallmark. We give enough to send the very best.”

    – Gadget Zinone