Grease 2 FAQ

These are a sampling of the most frequently asked questions (FAQ) that have been asked over the years. Please check below before emailing your question to us.  Thanks folks!

Q: Where can I buy the Grease 2 movie on DVD, CD, VHS?
A: Just point your browser to

Q: Will you email me a copy of the movie script?
A: No, I cannot make reproductions of the script, nor do I even have it to email, But have no fear, you can order it online. Just check our Greased Links section for the website. *Update: You can view the script, which has been transcribed online here!

Q: I would love to buy a Pink Ladies jacket, where can I find one?
A#1: Iguana Clothing on Ventura Blvd. in Sherman Oaks, CA had the closest recreation I have ever seen. I suggest you visit their site and call or email them on your quest.

A#2: Film Star Look has a replica “Pink Ladies” jacket just like Stephanie’s for $145

Q: Hello “Grease 2 Star” Can you send me an autograph, photo, letter?
A: Sorry, I have no affiliation with any of the stars of Grease 2. If you would like an autographed item, there is a post at the Grease 2 Fanboard that maybe able to help.

Q: Will there be a Grease 3?
A: Didi Conn, from what I have heard, has been shopping the idea of a Grease 3 around for many many years. Randall Kleiser spoke about this in 1998 at a Grease movie event here in Los Angeles. Many rumous have gone around that John Travolta and Olivia Newton-John have already signed. Other rumours went around that it would star Nsync and Brittany Spears, and even Michelle Pfeiffer as Principal McGee! As far as I know, nothing is happening as of yet. That is all the information I have.

Q: My school, production co, theatre would like to put on a production of Grease 2. Do you know if the score is available for purchase?
A: I do not know, nor am I affiliated with Paramount Pictures in any way. You would have to contact their licensing department on this topic.

Q: I have been searching for sheet music to Grease 2, do you know where to find it?
A: I do not think so. I have searched for 25 years and haven’t ever found it.

UPDATE: Recently I heard from a fan who contacted Warner-Tamerlane Publishing, and it would seem my hunch was right, the sheet music for Grease 2 has never been in print. I guess it will take a miracle or someone who knows how to write sheet music to transcribe all the songs for the rest of us, until then….good luck Greasers!

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