Grease 2 alum Ivy Austin & the Cool Rider Live cast onstage!

Original Grease 2 cast member, Ivy Austin, joins the Cool Rider cast onstage at the Duchess Theatre April 19, 2014!

Original Grease 2 Cast alum Ivy Austin and the Cool Rider Live cast onstage!


1 thought on “Grease 2 alum Ivy Austin & the Cool Rider Live cast onstage!”

  1. Ken Masterson

    Does anybody here know who played the Cycle Salvage Yard owner?
    “Yep. Follow me.” They wind through the piles of parts as he continues his spiel, “Quite a selection here. All very, very serviceable machines, young man.” Michael trips over a bike part, but catches himself, and continues. At a glance, the scrapped cycles don’t look `very, very serviceable’, but with the right tools and the talent, who knows? “One or two of these were my personal transportation a few spare parts ago. A little elbow grease and any one of these beauties is a fixer-upper. Looks like you’ve got yourself a bike!”

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