30th Anniversary Grease 2 Cast Reunion Day #1

We’re coming to you live from the all-star 30th Anniversary G2 Cast Reunion at the Westin/LAX in chilly Los Angeles. Day 1 we welcomed Adrian Zmed (Bachelor Party, Dance Fever, T.J. Hooker), Maxwell Caulfield (The Colbys, Devanity, All My Children, The Boys Next Door), Chris McDonald (Happy Gilmore, Harry’s Law, Boardwalk Empire), Leif Green (The Facts of Live, Joysticks) and Connie Stevens (Hawaiian Eye, Saving Grace B. Jones). It was a fantastic success and we hope you made it out to meet-n-greet and take photos with the cast!  Here’s a few quick photos  of our legendary event held at the world-famous Hollywood Show!

The Hollywood Show has been the home for the Grease 2 cast Reunions since 2005.  We cannot thank owner David Elkouby enough for his assistance and generosity. He is the best host we could ever ask for!