The T-Birds

The T-Birds

Davey Jaworski, Goose McKenzie, Johnny Nogerelli and Louis DiMucci

Johnny Nogerelli

Johnny used to go with Stephanie, but recently she has outgrew him and dumped him over the summer. He’s not over her and does everything in his power to try and get her back. In the meantime, Paulette Rebchuck has taken a liking to him and tries to impress him by being like her idol, Marilyn Monroe.

Louis Dimucci, Goose McKenzie and Davey Jaworski

These 3 fellows try to follow Johnny in an effort to be the coolest of the cool. Goose, Johnny’s right hand man goes with Rhonda Ritter. Louis DiMucci keeps trying to get to 3rd base with his Pink, Sharon, but never seems to make it around the field. Davey is youngest of this years T-Birds and he ends up with Paulette’ s kid sister, Dolores.

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