G2 Production Crew

Director Pat Birch

Pat Birch


Patricia Birch took her success as a Tony nominated choreographer on the original Broadway run of Grease, to the classic John Travolta blockbuster. She then brought her unique perspective to her directorial debut on the film Grease 2.

With the much anticipated sequel in her hands, Pat was one of the first female director’s to tackle a major studio production. Under her direction, the character Stephanie Zinone was allowed to be an empowered, dynamic female lead who’s energy and charisma rivaled that of Travola himself. She managed to both offset and balance with the sexually charged (yet oddly innocent Paulette Rebchuck. These girls didn’t mess around and Pat was able to bridge the gaps perfectly with her foresight and vision. Pat’s hard work and dedication have made Grease 2 the beloved film that it is today.


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Producer Alan Carr

Allan Carr

We must thank Producer Allan Carr, who brought us the Grease and other great 70’s musicals, for bringing our beloved Rydell High School back to life once again. Carr is also responsible for Grease, Saturday Night Fever and Can’t Stop the Music. Allan Carr passed away on June 29, 1999.

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Musical Director Louis St. LouisLouis St. Louis

Musical Producer and composer extraordinaire, Louis St. Louis, who was the writer of some of the original Grease’s songs, penned the movie’s official soundtrack.

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